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Turok PS3 Cheats

Run Faster:
To run faster, equip the knife.

Inhuman difficulty:
To unlock Inhuman difficulty, beat the game on the Normal or Hard difficulty.

Stealth Kills:
To kill enemies quickly and quietly, use the knife and bow. Do not use weapons that will cause explosions and draw attention such as the Tek arrow. Also, try to kill them in an area where there body will remain hidden after they die to prevent a soldier from finding the body and alerting his comrades.

Hiding from enemies:
To hide from enemies in Story mode, crouch in tall grass.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BOOM! - Kill 3 Soldiers with one Frag Grenade in the Story Mode campaign.
Accuracy Award - Achieve an accuracy of 75% or greater with at least 20 shots fired in one ranked match.
All-Purpose Warrior - Win 10 public games of each team game option (Small Team, Large Team, Co-Op).
Angler Ribbon - Fishing anyone?.
Arch-Nemesis: Kill the same player 5 times in a row without killing anyone else between during a public match.
Arsenal: Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game during public play.
Big Game Ribbon: You managed to survive Mama Scarface.
Boomstick - Destroy a dino with the stickygun during a public match.
Buddy Blowout - Play a full 8 on 8 private team game.
Co-Op 1: Finish Co-op Map 1.
Co-Op 2: Finish Co-op Map 2.
Co-Op 3 - Finish Co-op Map 3.
Crack Shot: Kill 5 opponents in a public game with headhshots.
Dino Dominance: You skillfully knife killed 50 creatures in the Story Mode campaign.
Dino Hunter - Kill 20 Dinos in one public game.
Exterminator - Kill 20 Bugs in one public game.
Gamesman - Play a full round of each gametype in public or private matches.
Grab Bag - Kill at least 1 creature, 1 enemy, 1 teammate, and yourself in the same round of a public match.
Great Round - Finish a public DM match with a Battle Rating of greater than 100.
Hometown Hero - Return 5 Flags to your base in one public game.
Impaler Ribbon - Pin an enemy to the wall with an arrow in the Story Mode campaign.
It's A Trap! - Get dinos to kill 5 soldiers by sticking them with the flare in the Story Mode campaign.
Loud Love - Kill 3 soldiers with one ORO Copperhead Rocket Launcher shot in the Story Mode campaign.
Man or Animal - Record 100 stealth kills of soldiers with the ORO P23 Combat Knife.
Massive Battle - Participate in a public 6 on 6 team game.
Medal of Citation - Achieve 100 player kills in ranked matches.
Medal of Commendation: Achieve 500 player kills in public matches.
Multiplayer First-Class - Finish a ranked match with 100% accuracy and at least 5 kills.
Multiplayer Master-Class - Finish a ranked match with all headshots and at least 5 kills.
Pacifist - Play a public match with no shots fired or kills awarded, capturing the flag at least twice.
Pincushion - Pin 50 enemies with the Bow in the Story Mode campaign.
Practically Canadian - How aboot defending your flag, eh? And that's in ranked matches, sorry..
Primitive Weapons - Play a public match using only the bow or knife, earning at least 10 kills.
Resurrection - Finish a player match free-for-all game with at least 10 deaths and 10 kills.
Retribution: Knife kill your rival in a public match.
Sell Your Shotguns - Just for fun, you completed "mother Superior" without using the ORO Shotgun.
Sniper! - Head shot 10 enemies in a row during the Story Mode campaign.
Thorn in Side - Kill the Flag carrier 5 times in a ranked match.
Triple Kill - Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other in a ranked match.
Turok Campaign Ribbon - Complete the Story Mode Campaign on Inhuman difficulty.
Turok Defense Force - successfully fight off 20 Raptor mauls during the Story Mode campaign.
Turok Service Ribbon - Complete the Story Mode campaign and unlock Inhuman difficulty.
Unbreakable - Play through a ranked match without dying.



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