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Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3 Cheats

Central Intelligence Agency Data System:
At the title screen, use the Right Analog-stick to look down at your hand when you are locked up. Repeatedly press L1 + R1 to escape from the chair. Move around the lab and find a computer. Type in the following commands to activate the corresponding cheats:

DOA - Zombie killing mini-game similar to Smash TV. Use the Left Analog-stick to move and the Right Analog-stick to shoot.
3ARC INTEL - View all intel.
3ARC UNLOCK - Unlock Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie mode.
ZORK or HELLO SAILOR - Zork - The Great Underground Empire text adventure game.
DIR - List audio files and pictures for use with CAT command.
CAT or PRINT - Open corresponding file.
WHO - List of login names for use with the RLOGIN command (requires passwords).
LOGIN - Attempt a new session with a corresponding username and password
DIR or LS - Display contents of the current directory.
ENCODE - Encode a string using the CIA's cipher.
DECODE - Decode a string using the CIA's cipher.
MAIL - Open the mail folder for the current user.
FOOBAR - Displays "Fee Fie Foe Foo!"
ALICIA - Alicia virtual therapist game.

Gun Game Wager match weapons:

The following are the twenty guns available in the Gun Game wager match:

1. Python with multiple attachments
2. Makarov dual wield
3. Spas
4. Ithica
5. MP5K
6. Skorpion dual wield
7. AK74u
8. M14
9. M16
11. AUG
12. Hk21
13. M60
14. L96A1
15. WA2000
16. Grim Reaper
17. M72 Law
18. China Lake
19. Crossbow explosive tip
20. Ballistic knife

Zombie mode maps:

Unlock the following maps for Zombies mode by performing the corresponding tasks:

Dead Ops Arcade - Play the Dead Ops Arcade game.
Der Riese - Enter unique code from Call Of Duty - Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.
Five - Complete Campaign mode.
Kino Der Toten - Available by default.
Nacht Der Untoten - Enter unique code from Call Of Duty - Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.
Shi No Numa - Enter unique code from Call Of Duty - Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.
Verruckt - Enter unique code from Call Of Duty - Black Ops Hardened and Prestige Edition.

Zombies mode: Pack-A-Punch upgrades:
Use the Pack-A-Punch machine to make the following upgrades.

Assault rifles

AUG - AUG-50M3
Commando - Predator
Famas - G16-GL35
G11 - G115 Generator
Galil - Lemantation
M14 - Mnesia
M16 - SkullCrusher

CZ75 - Calamity
CZ75 Dual Wield - Calamity & Jane
M1911 - Mustang & Sally
Python - Cobra

China Lake - China Beach
M72 LAW - M72 Anarchy

Light machine guns
HK21 - H115 Oscillator
RPK - R115 Resonator

HS10 - Typhoid & Mary
Olympia - Hades
SPAZ-12 - SPAZ-24
Stakeout - Raid

Sniper rifles
Dragunov - D115 Disassembler
L96A1 - L115 Isolator

Submachine guns
AK47u - AK74fu2
MP40 - The Afterburner
MPK5 - MP115 Kollider
PM63 - Tokyo & Rose

Special weapons
Ballistic Knife - The Krause Refibrillator
Crossbow - Awful Lawton
Ray Gun - Porter's X2 Ray Gun
Thundergun - Zeus Cannon
Winter's Fury - Winter's Fury

Killstreak bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by getting the corresponding amount of consecutive kills without dying:

Spy Plane - 3 kills; shows enemies on the mini-map (free).
RC-XD - 3 kills; remote control car with explosives piloted by killstreak user (1,200 points).
Counter-Spy Plane - 4 kills; temporarily disables enemy's mini-map (1,600 points).
SAM Turret - 4 kills; airdrop a turret that destroys aircraft (1,600 points).
Care Package - 5 kills; airdrop a crate that contains a random killstreak, ammo crate, or special weapon (free).
Napalm Strike - 5 kills; airstrike drops fire over an area of the your choice which burns and damages enemies temporarily (2,400 points).
Sentry Gun - 6 kills; airdrops anti-personnel sentry gun (3,200 points).
Mortar Team - 6 kills; user targets three locations to be shelled by mortars (3,200 points).
Attack Helicopter - 7 kills; call in automated attack helicopter to a selected location (free).
Valkyrie Rockets - 7 kills; two remote controlled rockets (4,000 points).
Blackbird - 8 kills; advanced version of the spy plane that indicates enemies on the map and direction they are facing (4,500 points).
Rolling Thunder - 8 kills; B-52 bomber bombs selected location (4,500 points).
Chopper Gunner - 9 kills; control door-mounted mini-gun from a helicopter that circles the map; enemies without the Ghost perk are displayed as red dots (5,000 points).
Attack Dogs - 11 kills; call in a group of attack dogs (6,000 points).
Gunship - 11 kills; pilot a helicopter with rockets and machine guns; helicopter can be destroyed (6,000 points).

Multiplayer bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses by reaching the corresponding levels:

Create A Class - Level 4
Contracts - Level 5
Clan Tag - Level 6
Game Mode Challenges - Level 8
Killstreaks, Killstreak Challenges, Playercard Emblems - Level 10
Combat Record - Level 13
Medal Challenges - Level 15
Gun Emblems - Level 16
Gun Tag - Level 19
Elite Challenges - Level 20
Camo - Level 22
Custom Reticules - Level 25
Custom Lenses - Level 28
Final Challenges - Level 30
Facepaint - Level 31
Prestige Mode - Level 50
Prestige Leaderboard, Custom Class 6 - Prestige 1
Custom Class 7 - Prestige 3
Custom Class 8 - Prestige 5
Custom Class 9 - Prestige 7
Custom Class 10 - Prestige 9
Face Tattoos - Prestige 11
Clan Tag Colors - Prestige 13
Golden Camo - Prestige 14
Prestige Playlists - Prestige 15

Perks list:
The following is a list of perks that can be unlocked:

Tier 1
Flak Jacket - Reduces explosive damage.
Flak Jacket Pro - Deflect fire damage, and safely toss back grenades.
Ghost - Undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird.
Ghost Pro - Undetectable by aircraft, IR scopes, Sentry Guns, and no red cross hair on your name when targeted.
Hardline - Killstreaks require one less kill.
Harline Pro - Change the contents of a Care Package.
Lightweight - Move faster.
Lightweight Pro - No fall damage.
Scavenger - Get ammo from fallen enemies.
Scavenger Pro - Start with extra magazines, and get grenades from fallen enemies.

Tier 2
Hardened - Bullets penetrate better.
Hardened Pro - Increased bullet damage to killstreaks and less aiming recoil when shot.
Scout - Hold breath longer.
Scout Pro - Switch weapons faster.
Sleight Of Hand - Faster reloads.
Sleight Of Hand Pro - ADS with all weapons, except sniper rifles.
Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Steady Aim Pro - Faster ADS after sprinting.
Warlord - Equip two attachments to your primary weapon.
Warlord Pro - Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except Willy Pete).

Tier 3
Hacker - Ability to detect enemy equipment and explosives.
Hacker Pro - Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly.
Marathon - Longer sprint.
Marathon Pro - Unlimited duration.
Ninja - Silent movement.
Ninja Pro - Make no noise, and hear all enemies louder.
Second Chance - Ability to use your pistol before dying.
Second Chance Pro - Survive longer, and get revived by teammates.
Tactical Mask - Protects against Nova Gas.

Numbers: Thundergun:
In the level "Numbers," after interrogating Clarke, several enemy soldiers will appear at the end of the long hallway. Shoot all six Nova 6 canisters and you will be able to collect a cassette tape in the office behind where you started. Throw a flashbang to blind the enemies so you have less interference when taking out the canisters. After picking up the tape, continue until you reach the part where Weaver and Clarke both jump off the roof onto a mattress. After they jump down, Clarke will ask Weaver to help him move a fridge out of the way to his first weapon stash. Once they do, go inside and look to the left. There should be a place to put the cassette. Note: When picking up and placing the cassette tape, the game will not prompt you; you must have seen it being moved yourself. After that, the screen will shake and the Thunder Gun will appear out of the wall. It has twelve bullets, and it is reloaded at checkpoints.

"Sympathy For the Devil" song:

Shoot the heads off all the mannequins in record time to hear "Sympathy For the Devil" by the Rolling Stones.

"Five": "Don't Back Down" song:
To play "Don't Back Down" by Eminem, do the following. Locate the three red rotary phones throughout the Pentagon that ring and flash. The first phone can be found after you opening the set of doors in the corner at the start. The second phone is located on the catwalk circling the room after leaving the first elevator. The third phone is located in a room after leaving the second elevator on the floor that the power is on. Listen for a ringing sound to find the phones. Look at the phone, then hold [Action] until you hear a busy signal. After the third phone is accessed, the song "Don't Back Down" by Eminem will play.

"Kino Der Toten": "115" song:

To play "115" by Elena Siegman, do the following. Find the three meteors. The first meteor is located on a pedestal in a corner behind the soda in the main lobby. The second meteor is located on a pedestal in the dressing room near some mannequins. The third meteor is located in the room upstairs near the alleyway, on a "dresser" with black marquee letters. Note: The meteors appear as red veined rocks. Hold [Use] on each meteor until your character says something or the veins in the rock glow red. After all three are found, the song "115" by Elena Siegman will play.

Easy "Frag Master" trophy:
To "Frag Master" trophy can be unlocked by performing any of the following three tasks:

Campaign mode: During the battle of Khe Sanh when the NVA are pouring out of the tunnels in the background, throw grenades into the crowd. You are bound to kill some of them.

Multiplayer: Get five of your friends to join the other side. Tell them to cram together, then toss a frag grenade.

Zombies: This requires two players. Blow the legs off five zombies and have the other player to stand in one place while the zombies crawl towards them. When they are all attacking your friend, throw a frag grenade.

Easy "I Hate Monkeys" trophy:
In the Rebirth labs, fire the China Lake into the central chamber of the lab. Once the explosion happens in the chamber, the Nova 6 will not only kill the soldiers, but all of the monkeys as well.

Easy "Rhino" trophy:
In Dead Ops mode, wait until you get to a higher round. Use a meat power-up at the start of the round. When they pour in, wait a little while, then use the speed power-up


Bronze trophies
Sacrifice - Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.
Death to Dictators - Use a single round to bring down Castro.
Give me liberty, or give me death - Escape Vorkuta.
Slingshot Kid - Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.
VIP - Receive orders from Lancer.
A safer place - Sabotage the Soviet space program.
Tough Economy - Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.
Looks don't count - Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.
SOG Rules - Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.
Raining Pain - Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.
The Dragon Within - Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.
Heavy Hand - Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.
Up close and personal - Silently take out 3 VC.
Double Trouble - Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.
Broken English - Escape Kowloon.
Never get off the boat - Find the Soviet connection in Laos.
Russian Bar-B-Q - Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.
Some wounds never heal - Escape the past.
I hate monkeys - Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.
Clarity - Crack the code.
Double Whammy - Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship.
Frag Master - Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade.
Sally Likes Blood - Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.
Unconventional Warfare - Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies.
Closer Analysis - Find all the hidden intel.
Matinee - Watch a film clip with a friend.
Gamblin' Fool - Finish 5 Wager Matches 'in the money'.
You can do it - Reach rank 10 in Basic Training.
The Collector - In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game.
Hands Off the Merchandise - Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.
Sacrificial Lamb - Kill 6 zombies after getting shot by a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt.
"Insert Coin" - Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.
Easy Rhino - In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.
See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me - Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.

Silver trophies
Vehicular Slaughter - Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.
Lord Nelson - Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.
Pathfinder - Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.
Mr. Black OP - Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.
With extreme prejudice - Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.
Light Foot - Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.
No Leaks - Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.
Stand Down - Complete the campaign on any difficulty.
Down and Dirty - Complete 'SOG' and 'The Defector' on Veteran difficulty.
It's your funeral - Complete 'Numbers', 'Project Nova' and 'Victor Charlie' on Veteran difficulty.
Cold Warrior - Complete 'Operation 40', 'Vorkuta' and 'Executive Order' on Veteran difficulty.
Not Today - Complete 'Crash Site', 'WMD' and 'Payback' on Veteran difficulty.
Burn Notice - Complete 'Rebirth' and 'Redemption' on Veteran difficulty.

Gold trophies
Black Op Master - Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.
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