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Bot Clash of Clans - Clashauto 9.0 Pro | Release .-  Bot Clash of Clans - clashauto 9.0 Pro | Release

Download New Bot For Clash of Clans
Working For Update  Town Hall 11  Latest

Fitur :

Anti Raid

Stay online 24/7 and have your Bot auto collect resources. It will even restart Clash of Clans if you are online for more than 6 hours at a time.

Auto Attack

Choose where on the base you would like to attack. (Top left, right, bottom etc.) Set how fast you would like your troops to be deployed and how much delay between troop waves.

Auto Collect Resources

Keep your loot safe by always having it in your storages. Even if you didn't have Anti Raid, this would protect your resources!

Auto Search

Set how much loot you would like a base to have before it attacks. You can also choose to attack normal defended bases or dead bases only. Choose to filter Th9's and Th10's or attack them as normal. You can set a limit of search attempts before the program pauses to try again.

Auto Town Hall Sniping

Attack bases with the townhall outside or set it to find the weakest bases and steal their trophies. Becoming a Champion has never been easier.

Auto Trophy Dropping

Staying in the correct loot range is easy with Auto Trophy Dropping. Have it dump the trophies won after every attack or let your cups ride to Champion .

Auto Train Troops

Choose which barracks to train specific troops and how many. You can also keep the barracks boosted once or at all times!

Auto Upgrade Walls

Let the bot upgrade your walls as you collect loot. This is by far the best way to max your walls quickly

Auto Donate & Request Troops

Never be without Clan Castle troops again! Set it to auto request and donate while you are away.

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Bot Clash of Clans - Clashauto 9.0 Pro | Release