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info Basic Tips Ninja saga (English)

How to Challenge Friends (Offline)?
  1. Go to Arena or Battle
  2. Select Challenge Friends (Do you want to challenge your friends' customized ninja? Here you GO!)
  3. You can challenge your friends who are already playing NS, or friends who are not yet ninjas; you can also choose your friend by inserting their names in the search bar
  4. Challenge your ninja friend
  5. You will gain XP & Gold if you win

How to Engage in Missions?
  1. Go to Kage's Room or Battle to engage in missions
  2. Click the button "Accept"
  3. You can unlock more missions as you level up
  4. You can gain XP & Gold when mission is completed
  5. You may also run during the mission, but the mission will be failed

How to Convert Saga Tokens into Gold?
  1. Go to Headquarters
  2. Select "Token>Gold" on the left hand side menu
  3. Exchange Tokens into the amount of Gold you need
  4. 1 Saga Token = 20 Gold

How to Earn Gold?
  1. You will have 100 Gold when you create your account
  2. After the tutorial, you will be awarded with 250 Gold
  3. You earn Gold whenever you completed missions
  4. You earn Gold after gaining victory in battles
  5. You can also exchange your Tokens into Gold (1 Saga Token = 20 Gold)

How to Earn Saga Tokens?
  1. Your will be awarded with 100 Tokens when you create the account
  2. You can purchase 1000 Tokens with $9.9USD
  3. When you upgrade your account, you will also get 2000 Tokens.
  4. You may also fulfill some tasks here to earn more Tokens.

How to Learn Skills from Friends?
  1. Choose the friend you want to visit from the ranking list
  2. You can learn skill from your friend
  3. The learning process is divided into 8 sessions. You can complete one session every 4 hours.
Saga Tokens
  • Saga Token is a shared in-game currency between all Emagist Games
  • This means that Saga Tokens are usable in other Emagist Games which also support Saga Tokens. Remember what you use in one game will also be deducted from the other.
  • Saga Tokens can be purchased here. You can also earn various amounts of Tokens by completing different tasks here.
  • There are certain items or weapons in the game that can only be purchased by Tokens.
  • Saga Tokens is only useable across games on a single social network and is not shared between games across different social networks. (Facebook, Hi5, Orkut etc.)

  • Gold is the in-game currency in the world of Ninja Saga
  • It can be obtained by completing missions and winning battles.
  • You can purchase various items including weapons, consumables and clothing by Gold.

How to change the gender, name and look of the character?
  • You cannot change the gender of the character
  • You cannot change the name of the character
  • To change the outlook of your character, a Ninja Emblem is required. With the Emblem, you can customize your characters again in the Style Shop.

How can my character regain HP (Health Points)?
  • Your character regains HP automatically after missions and battles
  • You can also use healing scrolls during battles to increase your HP

How can my character regain CP (Chakra Points)?
  • Your character regains CP automatically after missions and battles
  • You can also use "charge" yourself during battles; charge increase 25% of the total chakra bar
  • You can also use chakra scrolls to increase your CP

How can my character gain XP (Experience Points)?
  • Your character can gain XP by completing missions, winning your friends in battles

How to recruit friends
  1. Go to "Recruit Friends"
  2. You can choose up to 2 Friends to help you in missions or practise together
  3. You can only choose friends whose level is lower than yours
  4. You have to pay 2 Gold for every friend you recruit
  5. Once a mission is finished together, the friend will be un-recruited and cannot be recruited again within 24 hours
  6. You can still recruit other friends during the 24 hours
  7. If you have recruited a friend who is not yet a ninja, his/her skills will be randomly picked by the system

Does the gender of my character affect the gameplay?
  • No, whether your character is male or female has no effect on how the game is played
  • The only thing it affects is the characters' appearances

What are the main character attributes and how do they affect the character?

Basic Attributes
  • HP
    • Increased by 40 per level
    • Increased by 20 for every attribute point in Earth attribute
  • CP
    • Increased by 40 per level
    • Increased by 20 for every attribute point in Water attribute
  • Agility
    • The agility of your character
    • The bigger the value, the quicker the character's action
    • Increased by 1 per level
    • Increased by 1 for every attribute point in Wind attribute
  • Critical Rate
    • The chance of attacks to become a critical strike
    • A critical strike doubles the damage of a normal attack
    • Increased by 0.1% per level
    • Increased by 1% for every attribute point in Lightning attribute
  • Dodge Rate
    • The chance of your character to dodge an attack
    • No damage will be done if you can dodge an attack
    • Increased by 0.1% per level
    • Increased by 1% for every attribute point in Wind attribute



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info Basic Tips Ninja saga (English)