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Mafia War weapon Depot Info & Item

weapon Depot Info
A new property, the Weapons Depot, is now in game!

This building is pretty much an exact replica of the Chop Shop, except that 1) produces weapons, 2) requires different materials, and 3) seems to slightly better than the chop shop.

Just like the Chop Shop, it requires multiple pieces of 5 different components to upgrade: Forges, Gunpowder, Arc Welders, Buzzsaws, and Gun Drills. The initial requirement is 4 of each item and this scales up as you upgrade your depot. You can ask Mafia members for help for getting the items, however, calling for help is this fashion puts both the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot "Ask for Help" buttons on the 24 hour cooldown.


The items in the Weapons Depot seem just a bit better than the Chop Shop vehicles. While there are less options, there are 3 particular items which provide +6 stamina, +5 attack, and +5 defense, respectively:

Here is the weapon list, stats, and item requirements:

Level 1: Random Common Weapon; requires 1x Weapon Part

Level 2: Random Uncommon Weapon; requires 3x Weapon Part

Level 3: Random Rare Weapon; requires 5x Weapon Part

Level 4: Ninja Sai (30 attack, 40 defense); requires 8x Weapon Part

Level 5: First Blood (49 attack, 13 defense); requires 10x Weapon Part and 1x Explosive Arrow

Level 6: Ultrasonic Gun (22 attack, 48 defense); requires 12x Weapon Part and 1x Sonic Emitter

Level 7: Laser Guided RPG (37 attack, 42 defense); requires 21x Weapon Part and 1x Laser Rangefinder

Level 8: Robber's Utility Belt (33 attack, 41 defense, +6 stamina); requires 24x Weapon part, 1x Boomerang, and 1x Grapple

Level 9: Railgun (51 attack, 24 defense, +5 attack); requires 27x Weapon Part and 1x Railgun Barrel

Level 10: Plasma Rifle (40 attack, 47 defense, +5 defense); requires 35x Weapon Part and 1x Portable Fusion Reactor


And that about sums up the Weapons Depot. All the loot pieces needed for construction of the Weapons Depot loot pieces will drop from jobs, just like Chop Shop pieces.



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Mafia War weapon Depot Info & Item