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Mega Man 9 PS3 Cheats

Rush Jet Adapter:
To unlock the Rush Jet Adapter, defeat 5 Robot Masters.

Extra lives in Dr. Wily stage:
On the first Dr. Wily stage, after the checkpoint there are two pipes which have weak respawning enemies. Use Jewel Satellite and stand on top of the pipes. It will take some time, but you will get extra lives and lots of bolts.

Infinite screws in Hornet Man stage:
At the beginning of Hornet Man's stage, go right to the first ladder. Do not destroy any of the potted plant robots. Activate the shiled and stand on the second platform in between both robots. Remain standing there to destroy the missiles. Screws will automatically fall on Megaman.

Boss order recommendation:
Defeat the bosses in the following order to obtain the corresponding weapons that the next bosses are weak against:

1. Galaxy Man - Mega buster
2. Jewel Man - Black hole bomb
3. Plug Man - Jewel satellite
4. Tornado Man - Plug ball
5. Magma Man - Tornado blow
6. Hornet Man - Magma bazooka
7. Splash Woman - Hornet chaser
8. Concrete Man - Laser trident
9. Wall Shooters - Mega buster
10. Giant Machine - Laser trident
11. Blob Monster - Black hole bomb
12. Dr. Wily #1 - Mega buster
13. Dr. Wily #2 - Mega buster
14. Dr. Wily #3 - Plug ball

Weapon recommendations:

Splash Woman - Mega buster.
Concrete Man - Lightning trident.
Galaxy Man - Cement shot.
Jewel Man - Black hole bomb.
Plug Man - Jewel satellite.
Tornado Man - Plasma ball.
Magma Man - Tornado blow.
Hornet Man - Magma bazooka.

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Mega Man 9 PS3 Cheats