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Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version Free

Free Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a action RPG made by SQUARE ENIX and publsihed Centered effort to Sarah, to look for her sister “Lightning” and efforts to rebuild the Gran Pulse, you will be accompanied by a lot of new characters that you’ve never seen before. Even Noel Kreiss, the men in blue who accompanied her throughout the game will have a portion of the story that is “more important” than the Lightning itself. XIII-2 offers a wider exploration side, replayability, variety of side-quests, until the opportunity to choose a response to the stories and dealing with the consequences directly.
One new feature to note is the presence of Live Trigger. Like the concept promoted by many western RPGs today, gamers will see the choices of action that will determine the course of the game. FF XIII-2 will include this feature. You, for example, may choose to do a confrontation against the boss directly, or find another way easier. Live Trigger usually provides four options to choose from. With features like this, Square Enix gives a higher replay value. The difference in mean multiple endings choice.
If you usually always accompanied by strong characters in the party, in Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version, this concept will look a little different. You will have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen their monsters (like in Monster Rancher). Monsters that you keep as a member you can use in battle. The stronger the monsters that you have, the greater the damage that will be generated.
Another new concept is the Mog Clock. If you pay attention, throughout the game there will be a MOG who continue to follow you. Mog is not a mere decoration for this cute creature turned out to have its own function. Mog Clock will help you see the situation of the enemy before encounter. You can do a back attack or even get Ambush depending on the situation Mog Clock.

  • Extract with winrar
  • Mount codex-final-fantasy-xiii-2.iso with daemon tool or Ultra iso
  • Install
  • Copy cracked (CODEX) to folder game
  • Play and Enjoy The game
System Requirements:
  • Windows  7 / 8
  • Processor Intel Core i3  2.7 Ghz or Higher
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • DirectX 10 or 11
  •  27,5 Gb Free HD Space
  • 256 bit  512 Mb Ram VGA
Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version Free

Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version Free

Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version Free

: 11 december 2014

Download Game Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Now


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Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 for PC Full Version Free