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Xmodgamers Releasing A New Brend Version

Xmodgamers Releasing A New Brend Version

xmodgamers Download Xmodgamers Releasing A New Brend Version

‪#‎Xnotice‬ ‪#‎GuessXMGNewFeatures‬ ‪#‎TesterRecruit‬ 

We're very excited to tell u that ‪#‎Xmodgames‬'s releasing a brand new version in Mid-May!  Unexpected features that you've never used in XMG before!
----But we'll release a test version in early May in our Tester Group---- 
【AGAIN! We need MORE testers!】
★XMG New Feature Testers Recruit
----Besides x86 (See detail→,
what other wonderful new features in the upcoming new ver?
★Comment below and make a good guess at them!
Hopefully u could receive a big suprise at the end of this event!
Stay tuned 
★We’ll all come and find out one new feature every 2~3 days and finally announce the lucky ones with the closest guess. 


#Xnotice #GuessXMGNewFeatures #TesterRecruit We're very excited to tell u that #Xmodgames's releasing a brand new...
Posted by Xmodgames on 1 Mei 2015
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Xmodgamers Releasing A New Brend Version