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Bot COC - Clash Auto Bot COC - Clash Auto

Clash of Clans Bot Articles

Bot COC - Clash Auto

Bot COC - Clash Auto

Bot COC - Clash Auto

Bot COC - Clash Auto
Players using this Clash of Clans Bot are making over 20 Million Gold & Elixir per day. Our goal is to save you Time and Money by offering a service that is cheaper than gems.

Feature :

Auto Attack

Auto Attack in Clash of Clans is an exploit that allows you to make more gold, elixir, dark elixir, trophies and build up your base more quickly. While there is no direct way to change your gold, elixir or trophy values, there are many ways to farm more effectively and get more achievements while spending less time in the game. ClashAuto Software can be used (bots) in order to automate many processes in the game and farm tons of loot by raiding other players. However, bots are not as good at increasing trophies, so you will have find the perfect settings that work for you in order to gain those successfully. ClashAuto's auto attacking software actually works on the computer, since it is the safest platform to develop cheats for.

ClashAuto offers many different Auto Attack features. These allow you to Choose where on the base you would like to attack. (Top left, right, bottom etc.) Set how fast you would like your troops to be deployed and how much delay between the different troop waves. This bots unique Anti Ban deployment strategy ensures that no two attacks will ever be the same. This makes it virtually impossible for the devlopers to track its usage.

Auto Search

Auto Search in Clash of Clans is a feature that ClashAuto has perfected. They provide many options that allow you to Set how much loot you would like a base to have before it attacks. You can also choose to attack normal defended bases or dead bases only. Choose to filter Th9's and Th10's or attack them as normal. You can set a limit of search attempts before the program pauses to try again. It the latest version (ClashAuto v5.1) they have even added filters for specific defenses! X-Bows, Max mortars, inferno towers and more can all be skipped with a simple click of a button.

ClashAuto offers a ton of different auto search modes which lets the player adjust his raids to his own strategy. Whether you are hunting Gold, Elxiir, Dark Elixir or trophies, ClashAuto will always be the #1 bot to take you where you are looking to go. Their well known slogan "Players are making 20+ million gold and elixir per day" is no joke when it comes to these auto search settings.

Anti Raid

Anti Raid in Clash of Clans is a features that ClashAuto has created in order to help players protect their loot. As we know, your base can only be attacked when you are offline. We all have had that horrible "village under attack" message scroll accross our notifications. But what if you never logged off? Could you be raided? The answer is no! ClashAuto's Anti Raid software allows you to Stay online 24/7 and have your Bot auto collect resources.

As long as you are online, you will never be attacked. This bot will keep you online as long as the software is running. Clash of Clans does have that annoying "your villagers need a rest" message after 6 hours of play. But dont worry, ClashAuto will ensure all of your resources are in your storages before that happens. It will even restart Clash of Clans as soon as the game allows you to come back online!

Auto Train Troops

While Auto Training Troops in Clash of Clans is not a cheat, it is certainly a highly effective way of optimizing your attacks and town build. ClashAuto will auto train your troops based on how you have selected. You can Choose which barracks to train specific troops and how many. You can also keep the barracks boosted once or at all times!

Giants, Goblins. Barbarians, Archers and More are just a click away from filling your camps forever. They will never stop training for the next battle as long as you have the elixir. This is one of the most time saving features this clash of clans bot has to offer.

Auto Farm

Auto Farming in Clash of Clans is a quick way to max your base. This strategy involves attacking villages that are loot heavy. With the ClashAuto bot you can even adjust the settings to only attack bases that have the majority of resources still in the collectors. With this simple method, earning millions of gold and elixir per day is easy.

Most botters who use this Auto Farm method perfer to use the "Dead Base Mode" while Auto training their troops for "Barching" (Barbarians, archers and heroes). The bot keeps them online 24/7 and collect's their resources as it waits to attack. Once the troops are ready, off to battle! Recently we have seen players with over 1000 attack wins in a single season! How you ask? Auto Farming with ClashAuto.

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