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Bot Clash of Clans - AutoIt ClashBot Release 7.0

Bot Clash of Clans - AutoIt ClashBot Release 7.0 - MEGA Release
Clash Bot Bot COC  - AutoIt ClashBot Release 7.0 - MEGA Release

Premium Features (VIP Only):
*All other features are available for free
Custom Building Upgrades
Flawless Wall Upgrading
Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
Trophy Pushing
Trophy Dropping
Troop Requesting
Troop Donating
Custom wait times
Custom deployment sizes
End battle if no resource change
Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
Custom kickout wait time
Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
PushBullet Mobile Notifications
Save Loot Images
Save Attack Analysis Images

For Become VIP member - Unlock Premium Features ; Klik
VIP Member

Release 7.0 Contains:
Everything has been ported and reworked from the ground up.
A brand new bot programmed in C#
Insanely smart algorithms make the previous ClashBot's look slow
Flawless image recognition can analyze everything on your base
No more work for you, ClashBot can now find your barracks and dark barracks
ClashBot is no longer reliant on AutoIt, all you need to do is download and start running
A stunning new troop building method
Crazy smart human like attacking with insanely custom options
Brand new building upgrader that allows you to choose exacty what you want to upgrade and how you want to upgrade it

Download :

Download 2 :

Source Bot :

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Anonymous said...

Why i cant use it? after clicking the launcher nothing happens

Anonymous said...

premium ini ya bang admin???

Rudi Tan said...

Kgk vip ini .. hrs login .. dn gw juga gk tau make nya gmna

Rudi Tan said...

Bro admin .. tolong di kasih tutor nya dong ... terima kasih

Anonymous said...

admin training trrops is not working pls fix it

gamer-zonex said...

Untuk Update Baru BOT
Bot 7.1 | Clash of Clans Update Temporary Patch

Clash of Clans Bot 7.1 | Clash of Clans Update Temporary Patch | 

ridwan pramudya wardani said...

min kok websitenya offline..?? trus kapan onlinenya..??

gamer-zonex said...

website clashbot UP

gamer-zonex said...

Update new bot
ClashBot 7.3 [Works with Clash of Clans Update] [Bug Fixes/Improvements]

AutoIt ClashBot 7.3

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Bot Clash of Clans - AutoIt ClashBot Release 7.0